Q1 The screed accelerator

Your customer expects the completion of his project in a few weeks! YOU ARE


Your screed has a residual moisture of 3% after 9 weeks. Dryers have been in use for weeks without interruption. The builder has to ventilate the room several times a day.
This is now a thing of the past!

Our Q1 screed accelerator Is a highly concentrated accelerator (only 180ml/200 litre mixture), which is characterised by very easy processing.

Also, the permanent and immediate ventilation (all windows in the permanent tilt position) is a USP. Windows can be tilted during processing, avoiding the formation of mould and water on windows and other building elements.

Start of the functional heating after 24 hours

A mixture ratio for all “ready for laying” times also guarantees simple handling on the building site.


Easy and long processing despite a short curing time

Hydrophobic / re-moistening protection (insensitive to condensation)

Quick walkability (already after 1 day)

Earlier load-bearing capacity of the screed or cement (after approx. 72 hours) Increase in the early strength

Normalisation of the delayed setting behaviour of cement at low temperatures

We will gladly take over the conversation with the floor layer or architect and will also issue an approval for the screed.

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